Cambridge House B & B

2 School Rd, Geeveston 7116, Tasmania, Huon Valley

0447 514 452


Business Details

Cambridge House, nestled in Huon Valley, Geeveston Town, is a heritage-listed establishment built circa 1870 by town builder, John Geeves. Featuring five rooms to accommodate ten guests, it embodies the philosophy of Shinrin-Yoku or Japanese “forest bathing”. Redesigned in November 2021, it now stands as a retreat through both stay and food, inspired by the serenity of a Japanese Ryokan.

Upon arrival, you’re greeted with our special beverages and a complimentary Japanese afternoon tea or a Sake/Whisky set, enhancing your experience as you watch playful platypus by our river garden. Cambridge House, more a “restaurant with rooms” than a B&B, offers a fusion of Japanese-Australian cuisine, prepared over an original 1870’s open fireplace in your view, and influenced by Tasmanian seasons. This culinary approach attracts many to our Victorian-Ryokan in Tasmania’s Far South.

Our private dining experience, Shio, sets us apart. Our “Omakase” dinner service, meaning “I leave it to you,” is integral to the experience. SHIOmakase is a 12-14 course degustation dinner, meticulously crafted by internationally experienced Japanese Chef Kazumasa Yazawa. Employing fresh produce from local farmers and fishermen, delivered on the same day for optimal freshness, Chef Kazumasa leads guests on a unique culinary journey.

Each course, a blend of intricate flavors, highlights each ingredient’s uniqueness. Further enhancing this experience is JIKATA, a modern take on traditional Geisha performances. This auditory treat from our in-house musician concludes the gastronomic journey, culminating in a comprehensive sensory experience, unmatched in Tasmania.