Far South Itineraries


Dover and Far South Escape 4 full days/5 nights

Take it easy or stretch your legs with several of Tassie’s Great Short Walks, explore spectacular waterways, delve into underground wonders, bathe in beautiful forests and uncover hidden gems. Click HERE for this 4 day itinerary suggestion which was part of the Dover entry of Tassie's Top Tourism Town.


Far South Family Fun 5 days/4 nights

This family friendly itinerary will keep the kids happy and engaged. Highlights include a Treasure Hunter Kayak Tour, Gemstone Fossicking, Caves, Rockpools, a Sinkhole and Eagle Hanggliding. Click HERE to view the itinerary.


Far South Adventure 3 days/2 nights

This 3 day itinerary takes in some of our unique attractions, cafes, fabulous short walks and you’ll be rewarded with scenic views along the way. Click HERE to view the itinerary.


Waterways and Alpine Wildernss 3 days/2 nights

Explore stunning waterways, immerse yourself in nautical history and hike through alpine landscapes. All packed into this 3 day itinerary. Click HERE to view the itinerary.